Excursions and places of interest:

  • Oberaletsch’s cabane.
  • Sparrhorn’s hike.
  • Aletsch glacier hike.
  • The suspension bridge that connects Belalp in Riederalp.
  • The Gorge of Massa.
  • Hiking along the Bisse de Nessjeri.
  • The rise of Henrens cows and their fights.
  • Lake (Lüsgasee) a must for swimming during heat waves.
  • The opening of Sparrhorn chairlift in summer, located 50m from the TIGILOU pension.
  • The old village of Alp Bäll, which sells cheese made exclusively from Belalp milk.
  • Large choice of walks to admire a wide variety of fauna and flora of this region.
  • In late August, the spectacular feast of black-headed sheep attracts many visitors.


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