A native of the Nordic countries, its initial function was to fight against the cold during the long winter. Today, it has become a very effective relaxation ritual offering many health benefits: anti-stress relaxation, stimulating blood circulation, oxygenation, elimination of toxins from the skin and improvement of muscle tissue. Built in high-quality wood, our great TIGILOU sauna can accommodate up to 5 people lying or 8 seated. Anatomical headrests, benches rounded profile, bright folder, music and large bay window: all for one maximum comfort and total relaxation.

Ice fountain

The therapeutic purpose of the ice fountain is to provide maximum contrast in all thermal baths cycles. Rub your face and body with ice flakes coming out of the sauna or steam room, this essential step will attend the “awakening” of your body. Your circulation will be activated and you will appreciate its toning, invigorating and firming effect.

Hammam-Shower cabin

Both steam room and shower, the Kristal 135 will make you live a unique sensory experience whether you are alone or in pairs. With 22 high-pressure jets and waterfall, you will have the choice between a relaxing or invigorating massage. The cabin meets the environmental standards, with filtration system and water exchange after each use.

To take full advantage of the breathtaking scenery that surrounds us, including Monte Leone, Fletschhorn and Michabel massif, TIGILOU designed a wellness spa at the top floor. A beautiful panoramic space will allow you to conclude a great day of skiing or hiking in the comfort of our sauna and Jacuzzi. The wellness area is available by reservation and is also open to external customers. 



For Residents  (min.2 cust.):                       25.- CHF per person for 2 hours.

For External customers (min.2 cust.) :     38.- CHF per person for 2 hours.

Wellness + Dinner (min.2 cust.) :              68.- CHF per person for 2 hours.

Open : pm 16:00 – 18:00  

Entrance from 16 y.o.

Please note that towels  are included.


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